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  1. [Event RO Renewal] Facebook Profile Picture Challenge
  2. [Event RO Renewal] Cari 7 Perbedaan
  3. [Event RO Renewal] Install & Win (Selesai)
  4. [Event RO Renewal] Exp Boost (Selesai)
  5. [Event RO Renewal] Valkyrie's Blessing
  6. [Event RO Renewal] Facebook Like Challenge
  7. [Event RO Renewal] Reset Status (Selesai)
  8. [Event RO Renewal] Token of Luck
  9. [Event RO Renewal] Valhalla Point Reward
  10. [Event RO Renewal] Valhalla Play & Win
  11. [Event RO Renewal] Valhalla Blessing
  12. [Event RO Renewal] Valhalla Level Up Challenge
  13. [Pemenang Event] Cari 7 Perbedaan
  14. [Info] Pemenang FB Profile Picture Challenge
  15. [Event RO Renewal] Bonus RO Cash 15 % (Selesai)
  16. [Pemenang Event] Install & Win Ragnarok Renewal
  17. [Event] Emperium Rush Asgard & Midgard
  18. [Event] First Breaker Asgard & Midgard
  19. [Event] Special Reward Top Up Valhalla
  20. [Event] Pemenang Event Valhalla Level Up Challenge
  21. [Event] Pemenang Event First Breaker Asgard & Midgard
  22. [Event] Pemenang Event Emperium Rush Asgard & Midgard
  23. [Event] ROR Daily Login November
  24. [Event] Pemenang Event Valhalla Play and Win
  25. [Event] Tukar Game Point Ragnarok Online Renewal
  26. [Event-ROR] Ragnarok Festival Special Quiz !
  27. [Event] Pemenang Event Token of Luck
  28. Free Limited Costume Flying Galapago Tokopedia @RO Fest 2017
  29. [Event] First Breaker Valhalla
  30. [Event] Emperium Rush Valhalla
  31. [Event] Bonus EXP 100% Spesial WoE Valhalla
  32. [Event] Quest Spesial Hari Raya Maulid Nabi
  33. [Event RO Renewal] Valkyrie's Blessing
  34. [Event] Rebellion Trivia Quiz
  35. [Event] Rebellion Point Reward
  36. [Event] Nightmare EXP Boost !
  37. [Event] Rebellion Lucky Level 99
  38. [Event] Nightmare Treasure Hunt
  39. [Event RO Renewal] Rebellion EXP Boost
  40. [Event RO Renewal] Reset Status
  41. [Event] Pemenang Event First Breaker dan Emperium Rush Valhalla
  42. [Event ROR] Christmas Box
  43. [Event ROR] Event Facebook : Rebellion Profile Picture Challenge
  44. [Event ROR] New Year Login Reward
  45. [Event RO Renewal] RO Cash + Costume Giveaway
  46. [Info] Informasi Event Spesial Update Rebellion
  47. [Event] ROR ᵡ Classic Special Collaboration Event !
  48. [Event RO Renewal] Valhalla Neuralizer Sale
  49. [Event] Santa Box Delivery
  50. [Event RO Renewal] Pemenang Event RO Cash + Costume Giveaway
  51. [Instagram Event] Xmas Follow, Share & Tag
  52. [Event RO Renewal] New Year Box
  53. [Event RO Renewal] First Top-Up Bonus 50% RO Cash
  54. [Event] ROR Daily Login Januari
  55. [Event] Sale Item Mall Limited Edition Back to School
  56. [Info] Pemenang Event IG Xmas Follow, Share & Tag
  57. [Event RO Renewal] Pemenang Event Rebellion Profile Picture Challenge
  58. [Event-ROR] Dukung Ragnarok Gravindo dalam KotakGame Awards 2017
  59. [Event RO Renewal] Uriel Box
  60. [Event] Weekend EXP Boost
  61. [Event ROR] Sticky Rat Extermination
  62. [Event] ROR Top Up and Win !
  63. [Event ROR] Revenge Of The King Poring !
  64. [Pemenang Event] Rebellion Lucky Level 99
  65. [Update] Limited Blue Weapon Sale
  66. [Event] Golden Box
  67. [Pemenang Event] ROR Top Up and Win !
  68. [Event] Limited Item Mall Special Valentine & Imlek
  69. [Event] Voting Kastil Golden Emperium ROR Season 1
  70. [Event] ROR Daily Login Februari
  71. [Event] ROR Golden Emperium
  72. [Event] Anniversary EXP Boost
  73. [Event ROR] Imlek Point Reward
  74. [Event] Valentine Lunar Crystal
  75. [Event] Munak Bongun Love Story
  76. [Event] Imlek Box
  77. [Pemenang Event] Golden Box
  78. [Event ROR] MVP Exterminator
  79. [Pemenang Event] ROR Update Item Mall Februari
  80. [Event] Hall of Nightmare
  81. [Pemenang Event] Imlek Box
  82. [Event] ROR Daily Login Maret
  83. [Event] Spring Time Box
  84. [Pemenang Event] MVP Exterminator
  85. [Event ROR] Update Limited IM Maret
  86. [Event] Polling Jadwal Terbaru WOE ROR
  87. [Event] Lucky Top Up Maret
  88. [Pemenang Event] Update Limited IM Maret
  89. [Pemenang Event] Spring Time Box
  90. [Event] Easter Package
  91. [Event ROR] Quest Special Paskah
  92. [Event ROR] Buff Special Paskah
  93. [Pemenang Event] Lucky Top Up Maret
  94. [Pemenang Event] Update Item Mall Maret Valhalla
  95. [Event] ROR Daily Login April
  96. [Event] Weekly Turn-in
  97. [Pemenang Event] Hall of Nightmare
  98. [Event] Limited Item Mall April ROR
  99. [Event] Supreme Membership Reward (ROR)
  100. [Pemenang Event] Easter Package
  101. [Event] Mystery Box
  102. [Event] Exp dan Droprate Spesial Hari Kartini
  103. [Pemenang Event] Limited Item Mall April ROR
  104. [Info] Monthly Monster Spotlight
  105. [Event] Supreme Membership Reward (ROR)
  106. [Event] Second Origin
  107. [Event] Share & Tag Second Origin
  108. [Event] ROR Daily Login Mei
  109. [Event] Limit Break
  110. [Event] Eden Box
  111. Pemenang Event Mistery Box
  112. [Event] Ramadhan Special Package (ROR)
  113. [Event] Quest Spesial Ramadhan (ROR)
  114. [Event] Ramadhan Special Login 2018 (ROR)
  115. [Event] Ramadhan Extra Premium (ROR)
  116. [Event] Lebaran Point Reward (ROR)
  117. [Pemenang Event] Share & Tag Second Origin
  118. [Event] Ramadhan Demon Trial
  119. [Event] Limited Item Mall Spesial Ramadhan (ROR)
  120. Update Item Mall Mei 2018 (ROR)
  121. [Event] Evil Invasion
  122. Pemenang Event Eden Box
  123. [Event] Reset Status ROR
  124. [Event] Neuralizer Sale ROR
  125. [Event] GOC Bagi-Bagi THR (ROR)
  126. [Event] Dukung Tim Favoritmu !
  127. Pemenang Event Update Item Mall Mei 2018
  128. [Event] Summer Holiday Box (ROR)
  129. [Event] Daily Login Juli
  130. [Event] Better Faster Stronger
  131. [Event] Summer Fishing Festa (ROR)
  132. [Event] Flash Sale Juli ROR
  133. [Event] Daily Login Agustus
  134. [Event] Faceworm Conqueror
  135. [Event] Merdeka Box (ROR)
  136. [Event] Bonus Exp & Drop Rate Spesial Hari Kemerdekaan (ROR)
  137. [Event] Lovely Autumn Box
  138. [Event] Equinox Costume Box
  139. [Event] Daily Login September (ROR)
  140. [Event] Limited Item Mall Elemental Shield (ROR)
  141. [Event] Payday Buy One Get One !! (ROR)
  142. [Event] Daily Login Oktober (ROR)
  143. [Event] Spooktober Costume Box (ROR)
  144. [Event] Weekend Bonus EXP Special 1st Anniversary ROR
  145. [Event ROR] Make a Wish !
  146. [Event ROR] Special Spotlight 1st Anniverasry ROR
  147. [Event ROR] idRO ROR JUMP START !
  148. [Event ROR] Poring Coin Festa
  149. [Event ROR] Limited Item Mall Spesial Reset Status & Skill
  150. [Event] Mad Bunny Scroll (ROR)
  151. [Event] Mad Bunny Refine Rave (ROR)
  152. [Event ROR] Halloween Missing Jack
  153. [Pemenang Event] ROR Make a Wish !
  154. [Event ROR] Holiday Groove Pack
  155. [Event ROR] Cyber November Costume Box
  156. [Event] Daily Login November (ROR)
  157. [Event] Special Harvest Costume Box (ROR)
  158. [Event] Thanksgiving Quest
  159. [Event ROR] Sticky Rat Extermination
  160. [Event] Black Rabbit Costume Box Remix (ROR)
  161. [Event] Dekorasi Pohon Natal (ROR)
  162. [Event] Daily Login Desember (ROR)
  163. [Event ROR] Snowy Costume Box
  164. [Event] Holy Night Lucky Box (ROR)
  165. [Event ROR] White Christmas Costume Box
  166. [Event ROR] Sticky Rat Extermination
  167. [Event] Year End Flash Sale (ROR)
  168. [Event] New Year Daily Login (ROR)
  169. [Event] MVP Nightmare Raid (ROR)
  170. [Event ROR] Secret Kafra Shop 15 Years Ragnarok Gathering Party (ROR)
  171. [Event] Daily Login Januari 2019 (ROR)
  172. [Event] MVP Izlude Raid (ROR)
  173. [Event]Cloudy Costume Box
  174. [Event]Januari Prosper Lucky Box
  175. [Event]Turtle General Alberta Raid
  176. [Event ROR] Berzebub Prontera Raid
  177. [Event ROR] Malangdo Octopus Festival
  178. [Event] Event Special Hari Raya Imlek (ROR)
  179. [Event] Lunar Festive Lucky Box
  180. [Event] Fabulous Lunar Costume Box
  181. [Event] Enriched Hammer & Mighty Hammer (Refine Rave Event)
  182. [Event] Enriched Hammer & Mighty Hammer (Refine Rave Event)
  183. [Event] Chocolate Cooking Class ROR
  184. [Event] Daily Login Februari (ROR)
  185. [Event] Lovey Dovey Costume Box
  186. [Event] Girls Love Selection Costume Egg
  187. [Event] Daily Login Maret 2019 (ROR)
  188. [Event] Super BOOST EXP & Drop Rate ROR
  189. [Event] March Madness Lucky Box (ROR)
  190. [Event] March Costume Box (ROR)
  191. [Event] Hooray Payday (ROR)
  192. [Event] Daily Login April ROR 2019
  193. [Event] Super BOOST EXP & Drop Rate
  194. [Event] Lucky Box Reworked I (ROR)
  195. [FAREWELL EVENT] Super BOOST EXP & Drop Rate ROR
  196. [FAREWELL EVENT] Special Sales Lucky Box ROR
  197. [FAREWELL EVENT] Limited Item Mall Sales ROR
  198. [FAREWELL EVENT] Diskon All Item Mall 50% ROR
  199. [FAREWELL EVENT] Daily Login Special ODIN (ROR)